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My name is steve. I have been keeping tarrantulas for 4 years i am a PROUD member off the British Tarrantula society.
I own approx 200 Tarantulas. These have just been installed in Vivariums.The temp is 80 degrees. And the heating is still threw heatmats.The advantage off this setup is i will be able to keep more spiders.Also with the sliding glass doors this is a added bonus as it gives further protection to the spiders. They are all fed on Crickets. I shall soon be introducing pinkies.
Terrarstika reptile show-Hamm Germany-20004
There is a trip being organised to this show on March 20004. I am in the process off doing a full report.
I cannot stress this enough. Never attempt to handle a Tarantula. This can result in death off the spider.
I house all my spiders in tubs. These are purchased at fairs. Also the local supermarket comes in handy.There is always a waterdish. The substrate is Irish peat moss. I spray the tanks frequently to provide humidity.

I now have my own photos.I have removed tank equipment to improve photos and make the job off taking potos more easy

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Wil the seattle girl who left a message.Please contact me. I tried to contact you but i think you have moved. Please get in touch Thanks.

Please could people who try to contact me leave a valid mail address.I always try to reply but am having problems with invalid addresses. Many thanks.To the guy who aked me where i get my heater pads ect. I go to spider-mart. The link is on links page.